I don't think anyone would argue that this year has been pretty buggy. The mosquitos arrived in February I think this year. And don't get me started on the black flies that bite.

We wait all winter to get back outside only to be chased back indoors by the number of bugs we have to deal with in our yard. This year the tent caterpillars are so bad they actually drop on you from the trees. Plus if you are quiet you can hear them chewing, It is so weird.

The Sound of Caterpillars Eating Plants

What Plants Repel Bugs in Your Yard

So what can you do to get rid of the bugs that bite? Bug spray is a must but what about keeping them away in general? Is there something that will make your yard a less pleasant place for these biting pests?

It turns out there are plants you can keep that will help deter the bugs and the pesky mosquitos. Real Simple put together a list that seems straightforward enough for even a novice gardener. Even better most of the plants grow well in the Hudson Valley. There are three that stand out for me.

Peppermint Plant
Photo by PQ

As fun, as it might seem to get all 16 plants that Real Simple has suggested it is probably better to narrow it down so I did, I picked three plants that repel bugs and that you can also eat if you wish and it wouldn't be weird.

Three Plants that You Can Eat that Repel Bugs

Peppermint, Rosemary, and Basil are the only three plants you need. They are aromatic and practical not to mention delicious when used fresh in a recipe.

Peppermint - Likes shade, it is easy to grow and has been known to take over a garden so maybe put it in a planter. When it is not repelling bugs it is delicious muddled in a summer drink.

Rosemary - It is like full sunlight and will grow as a hedge or in a planter. This plant mosquitos hate so plant plenty. It will also add a nice flavor to the chicken, pickle recipes, and olive oil for cooking.

Basil - It also likes plenty of sun. This plant will repel mosquitos and help treat the bites should you get bit. Plus there is nothing like freshly made pesto.

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