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This week’s guests are the founder of Modrocker Productions, Daniel Leslie and folk singer/songwriter Chris Smither from the Meadowlark Music Festival. The Meadowlark Festival is a new festival taking place at Stone Ridge Orchard & Farmers Market on September 8th-10th, showing off a wide array of American, Indie Rock Experimental artists. 

We invite you to listen to a previously recorded conversation between Dan, Chris and myself here on In Touch. 


This has been this week’s edition of IN TOUCH, the award-winning public affairs and issues program that runs across Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley radio stations. We want to give a big thank you to Dan and Chris! For more on the Meadowlark Festival, please visit . As for Chris Smither, you can visit Smither.com. Of course, all links and information can be found in the description of this episode. 

Meadowlark Festival 2023

Meadowlark Festival is a new musical festival set to launch to the public this September 8th through the 10th in the Hudson Valley. They have just revealed the inaugural lineup, blending some of the most storied names in Americana, indie rock, and experimental music with a roster of local and emerging artists. The festival is presented by Modrocker Productions.

The Conception of the Meadowlark Festival

Meadowlark 2022 was an invitation-only two day performance that took place last August in the Stone Ridge Orchard's meadows. The festival was born out of a close-knit network of local and traveling musicians. Special featured performances included Mississippi bluesman RL Boyce and NYC singer/songwriter Jeffrey Lewis, among others. For 2023, Meadowlark Festival will be open to the public for the first time. Besides the music, the festival will include local artisans, food trucks, and more!

About the Venue: Stone Ridge Orchard

The venue, Stone Ridge Orchard & Farmers Market, is a 200-year-old working farm on 115 acres and will showcase artists within a secluded and intimate setting. Less than two hours north of New York City, Stone Ridge Orchard and Farmers Market in the scenic Roundout Valley is situated between the Shawangunk Ridge and the Catskill mountain range in the Hudson Valley region.

Meadowlark 2023 Comes to the Hudson Valley in September

Meadowlark producer and Modrocker Productions, LLC founder Daniel Leslie, who hails from Hopewell Junction, graduated from Vassar College, and now resides in Brooklyn, describes its inspiration:

“This grew out of a vision shared with some of my musician friends about blending traditional and experimental music in a special, secluded setting,” he said. “The Hudson Valley is such an epicenter of music culture, it’s the perfect setting for this type of experience we wanted to create that blends traditional music with an edgier counterculture vibe.”

Friday, September 8th (5:00PM - 9:30 PM)

Friday and Weekend VIP ticket holders along with festival artists are invited to a dinner and cider tasting hosted by Stone Ridge Orchard & Farmers Market under their historic 400-year-old oak tree. Family-style menu includes wood-fired pizza, artisanal salad, and locally-sourced vegetables. Vegan and gluten-free options available.

Featured performers for Meadowlark After Dark:

Saturday, September 9th

Doors open at 12PM with performances going on from 1:00PM - 9:30PM. Artists include:

At 9:30PM, they will have a campfire and overnight camping.

Sunday, September 10th

Doors open at 12PM with performances going on from 1:00PM - 8:30PM. Artists include:

Tier 1 Early Bird Pricing Ends Wednesday, May 31st.



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