Hopefully, you aren't one of the many people who came down with a germ after your holiday entertaining. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of viruses, bugs, and germs to be shared just about everywhere you go this winter.

Do your best to stay healthy. I find if I get enough sleep, which this time of year feels like I should get extra, and make sure I eat right which means kick the Christmas candy I tend to stay a bit healthier. If you do find yourself down with a germ be sure to stay home no one likes a coughy sneezy co-worker. And of course, take good care of yourself.

Where to Get a COVID Vaccine in Ulster County, New York


If you are one of the lucky ones who seem to be staying healthy this winter Congratulations. Avoiding RSV, the Flu, and COVID this winter isn't easy. If you are still worried about getting COVID you should probably look into a vaccine or booster. Check with your doctor, pharmacy, or county about vaccine availability.

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If you live in Ulster County New York you can take advantage of The Department of Health's COVID-19 Vaccination POD at the former Best Buy in the Hudson Valley Mall. They have been on holiday hours the last few weekends including this one but they will be back open Saturday, January 21st for both walk-ins and appointments.

New York State Update on COVID Variant Xbb.1.5

Yesterday (January 9th, 2023) the Ulster County Department of Health shared on their Facebook page the New York State Department of Health's update which states that they believe the new COVID variant The Xbb.1.5 Variant is now making up about 50% of the current COVID cases.


• New Yorkers 6 months and older should receive their bivalent booster and flu shot.
• Follow simple precautions: wash hands, keep surfaces clean, let fresh air in, consider wearing masks, and stay home when sick.
• To prevent severe illness, COVID-positive New Yorkers without a provider should call 1-888-TREAT-NY or visit NYS COVID-19 express care therapeutics access website for a free clinical evaluation and medication. (via Facebook New York State Department of Health / Ulster County Dept of Health)

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