The question of what should be at the old Stewart's Shop in New Paltz has been asked and answered so many times since Stewart's moved to their new location. I don't think anyone could keep track. It is a great location for many types of businesses.

Just a few weeks back, social media was a buzz that the retail building on Route 32 in New Paltz, the former Stewart's Shop, was possibly going to be a gunshop. But something tells me that was false news.

Fast forward to this week and it appears a new business will be opening in that location possibly as early as this Wednesday, April 17th.

Cannabis Dispensary Opening In New Paltz, New York

I am not exactly sure when the comments started being shared about the old Stewart's shop becoming one of the many cannabis dispensaries planned for New Paltz but I do know that it was a hot topic in the early part of 2023. Once a great retail location for coffee, ice cream and more it almost seemed natural to envision a "Pot" store opening its doors in the same spot.


The fact is, the rumors can now come to an end as of this past weekend.

A temporary sign has been hung and a door sticker says that the Big Gas Dispensary will be the business at 76 Chestnut Street also known as Route 32. You can tell they are excited to open because they are ready to have a "soft" opening this Wednesday.


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New Paltz has had a Cannabis Growers Market open already in the Village at the end of 2023 but it was forced to close in December due to regulations from New York State.

The Market tried to re-open for a time in 2024 but was unsuccessful. The idea was to bridge the gap in legal cannabis sales from the Growers Market to the first brick-and-mortar shop.

For those waiting it looks like one of the people trying to open a store in New Paltz has gotten their license and will be opening later this week. Next up the Old Groovy Blueberry apparently will soon be a Smoke Cafe.

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