Did you catch the aurora across the Hudson Valley this week?

Aurora Flare Lights Up Sky Over Ashokan Reservoir

When you think of the Northern Lights or Arora Borealis, you probably think of Iceland or Canada, but not the Hudson Valley right?

Well, they're more common here than you think.

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The Department of Environmental Conservation shared a beautiful video of the Northern Lights over the Hudson Valley recently. The video was shot by James Perez Rodgers and shared on the DEC social media accounts, take a look:

The video was shot over the Ashokan Reservoir Spillway on April 15th, 2024. Perez-Rodgers also did an amazing edit afterward and shared his work on Instagram:

Northern Lights Seen Across the Hudson Valley Often

As we mentioned earlier, Auroras aren't uncommon in the Hudson Valley. In fact, around this time last year in 2023, several photographers heard there would be an aurora flare and took incredible pictures from all over the region.

Patrick Kelly Jr
Patrick Kelly Jr

Many pictures were taken and shared across local Hudson Valley Facebook groups. Last year we spoke to photographer Patric Kelly Jr. who shared some tips with us when it comes to capturing the Northern Lights when they dance across the Hudson Valley. For instance, how do you even know when there's an aurora flare? Kelly told us back then:

And for people interested, the best way to learn about the Aurora Borealis, what causes them and how and when to see them is to check out http://spaceweather.com

Kelly added that Space Weather has a paid subscription service that sends out text alerts "regarding solar flares and geomagnetic storms." If you took photos of the latest solar flare, send them our way to Jess@HudsonValleyCountry.com.

Take a look below at some of the photos taken last year during the 2023 Northern Lights show:

Northern Lights Captured Lighting Up Hudson Valley Skies

The rumors were true and the Northern Lights showed up across the Hudson Valley. Thankfully, we're home to some skilled photographers who were able to capture the stunning event. 

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