After centuries of preparation, two different broods of a particular insect will soon make themselves known. Not only will people be able to see these rather large flying bugs, they'll definitely hear them, screaming from the trees.

Cicadas Emerge in Eastern USA
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Here come the cicadas.

What Are Cicadas? Why Do They Scream?

Though large, and loud, these particular bugs are not harmful, but rather helpful in the great outdoors. Cicadas have a very long life cycle, living underground for many, many years, and only emerging during the 'final molt of their exoskeleton.' During this process, they construct a tunnel, emerge from the ground, molt into adults and then leave their exoskeleton behind, usually attached to a tree. Guaranteed you've found cicada carcass around the area at one time or another.

The cicada noise we typically hear comes from the males, and is used primarily to attract mates (hubba hubba), so that the cicada life cycle can start again.

Cicadas Emerge in Eastern USA
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Typically, the Hudson Valley is graced with the presence of flying, screaming cicadas during the summer, but this year, the US is in for a treat, because something that hasn't happened in 221 years (like, since the Louisiana Purchase) will be happening.

XIX & XIII Cicadas To Emerge in 2024, First Time Since 1803

For the first time since 1803, two 'broods' of cicadas will emerge from the ground and begin making some serious noise in the neighborhood. Did you know that according to cicadasafari, if you get thousands of cicadas together they are able to reach 105 decibels, which is louder than a lawnmower.

The broods, classified as XIX and XIII, with 13 and 17 year life spans, will burrow out from underground at the same time after more than a decade of growth. Last time this type of emergence happened Thomas Jefferson was president.

According to CBS News:

There are seven species of periodical cicadas – three that appear every 17 years and four that appear every 13. Smaller groups of those species, called broods, will spend those durations underground, where they will spend time eating and growing before they come out of the ground to become adults.

Hudson Valley: Marked Safe From Cicada Double Emergence 2024

It's looking like late April or early May is when this literal once in a lifetime convergence will happen, and only in Illinois and Indiana will people see both broods simultaneously, while several other states like Georgia, Mississippi, North & South Carolina and Oklahoma will experience one of the two. So, unless you're willing to embark on a little road trip you'll just have to settle for the usual sounds of the Hudson Valley cicada brood this summer.

Photos of a Cicada Breaking Free from Its Shell

The Brood X cicadas are emerging after seventeen years and they're shedding their larva shells all over the tristate. Here's what it looks like as they do it!

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