Google Trends showed a lot about what people were thinking during the eclipse.

Yesterday was the big moment that everyone was waiting for...the Solar Eclipse of 2024. It came and went, the world didn't end, everyone seemed to get a long for once and agree on something.

There was so much anticipation that lead up to the Solar Eclipse. Some people took a half day, full day, others had viewing parties and everyone wanted to make sure they had their glasses ready.

The sky was looking different before it happened and this prompted people to start googling all kinds of questions.

What were the most Googled terms during the Solar Eclipse?

According to Google Reports, one of the most searched terms right before and during the eclipse was "my eyes hurt". There was a huge spike in this during the time that everything was happening.

For as excited as people were for the eclipse, there were some people who were kinda freaked out with everything going on.

Another popular phrase that was searched after the eclipse was "I looked at the eclipse without glasses". No surprise at all about this, people just can't help themselves especially during big events.

More popular terms were "I accidentally looked at the eclipse", "accidentally looked at the solar eclipse", and "totality eclipse".

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Speaking of the Solar Eclipse, here are some pretty amazing pictures from it.

Stunning Photos of Total Solar Eclipse in Central New York

Check out some of the best shots during total solar eclipse 2024 in Central New York.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams