😱 A scary NJ Halloween haunted trail opens for the season on Sept. 29

😱 The haunted trail is located on a Christmas Tree farm in Wall Township

😱 Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to a local non-profit

WALL — If you’re looking to get the bejeezus scared out of you this Halloween season in New Jersey, be sure to visit The Conover Killings Haunted Trail in Monmouth County.

Located at 3101 Hurley Pond Road in Wall Township, The Conover Killings Haunted Trail is set to open for the spooky season on Friday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, Oct. 1.

Then it will be open every Friday and Saturday through Oct. 29.

Conover Killings Haunted Trail
Conover Killings Haunted Trail

What is the story behind The Conover Killings?

Thirteen years ago, “Jonathan” had his friends over for their annual Halloween hangout. They played a game of manhunt. But when Jonathan was “it” he hunted each one of his friends down, murdering them with various tools from his shed like pitchforks, axes, and hammers. His last killing was his mother, whom he left hanging in the woods.

The killings became known as “The Mill Massacre.” Afterward, Jonathan vanished and took refuge in the woods of the Conover Christmas Tree Farm. As he was looking for a place to hide, a group of teens stumbled upon the farm.

It is believed the friends that Jonathan killed on that eerie night 13 years ago, remain trapped on the Conover Christmas Tree Farm, forever haunting it.

You can hear the spine-tingling story here.

Now, a new chapter begins….

The Conover Killings (Photo Credit: Conover Christmas Tree Farm, Wall)
The Conover Killings (Photo Credit: Conover Christmas Tree Farm, Wall)

What is new this year?

There is a new story this year with new kills, rewritten murders about what happened at the farm, as well as scarier dialogue and more surprises, said Conover Killings Haunted Trail creator and story writer, Rob Panasuk.

About 4 ½ minutes has also been added to the trail, he added. So, the haunted trail attraction is about a 30-minute sort of guided tour through Christmas trees, cornfields, and woods.

Conover Killings Haunted Trail
Conover Killings Haunted Trail

What is so unique about this haunted trail is that victims, or rather customers, can listen to a scary story about the property they are walking on, which makes it more immersive, and puts them right smack into the story themselves.

“Something I’m insanely excited about is we are doing a joint event with The American Humane Society in Tinton Falls on October 14. They will be bringing a few adoptable dogs so people can hang out with them while they wait to get scared, and hopefully, some of these animals find a family,” Panasuk said.

He said he absolutely loves animals, so if there’s a chance he can help find a dog in need of a family, then he’s grateful to help, Panasuk added.

Conover Killings Haunted Trail, Wall Township, NJ
Conover Killings Haunted Trail, Wall Township, NJ

How much are tickets?

Admission is by reservation only either by email or by calling or texting Panasuk at 757-817-2517.

Reservations are between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. each night of the trail.

Tickets are $25 cash per person

All proceeds will be donated to the Autism Movement Project (AMP). Panasuk said AMP is a local non-profit that works with kids, teens, and adults with autism, providing ABA-based fitness sports workouts and social programs.

This project is near and dear to Panasuk’s heart. He has a cousin with autism and he has seen how much his aunt and uncle do for their son. To know there is an organization dedicated to helping and focusing on those with autism is special, he said.

Bookings and reservations are happening now. If you love to get scared, then you’ll love this haunted trail.

Will Jonathan show up? Maybe. So, watch your back and hide the pitchfork.

Warning: You're it.

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