Roger Waters says he's heading to Frankfurt, Germany, despite the local authority’s attempt to ban his concert.

The Pink Floyd legend's Frankfurt tour stop, planned for May 23, was canceled by the city council amid accusations that Waters is antisemitic. He’d called the move “unjustifiable” and last month said he’d instructed his lawyers to fight the cancellation, along with another in Munich on May 21.

After noting that the deadline for the city to respond to his interim injunction had passed, Waters' new message continued: “Not that it matters much! We’re coming anyway! Because human rights matter! Because free speech matters!” Referring to the Nazi attacks on Jews across Germany on Nov. 9, 1938, it added: “We remember Kristallnacht! Like Sophie Scholl our fathers stood with those 3,000 Jewish men, and today we stand with the Palestinians!” Noting a new date, the message ended: “We’re coming to Frankfurt on the 28th of May!”

At the time of the cancellations Waters issued a statement, condemning them as “unconstitutional, without justification and based upon the false accusation that Roger Waters is antisemitic, which he is not.” His position was later supported in a petition to have the shows reinstated, signed by a wide range of artists including Nick Mason, Eric Clapton and Tom Morello.

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