There may be no lover in rock history more adored, envied, scrutinized and mythicized than Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones frontman is a legendary Lothario, linked with women from every walk of life. From Hollywood stars to runway models, socialites to swimsuit models, first ladies to magazine models and groupies to fashion models, Jagger has opened his heart, and – more often – his bed, to an incredible number of partners.

By his own count, the iconic singer claims to have slept with more than 4,000 women. Such a number seems unfathomable for any normal person, yet this is Mick Jagger we’re talking about, so we tend to believe him.

Assembling a list of Jagger’s former lovers is a fool's errand, especially since the man himself has probably forgotten more than a few late-night trysts. Still, we combed the archives and came up with a list of 64 ladies who have been romantically linked with the Stones singer.

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Some partners have openly discussed Jagger’s bedroom antics, describing him as a passionate and insatiable lover. Other have not been so kind – one described him as a “sexual vampire,” while another felt so let down by the experience that she purportedly wondered, "Is that it?"

As you’d expect, marriages and long term romances were easy to corroborate, but confirming Jagger’s endless list of one-night stands proved virtually impossible. We did our best to weed out internet fodder and presented the facts as best we could find them in the gallery below.

Women of Mick Jagger