Gene Simmons said the sale of Kiss’ name, logo, makeup and share of their music catalog was a deal the band didn't go looking for.

Pophouse Entertainment is reputed to have paid $300 million for the package; the company hopes to create an avatar show in the style of their ABBA Voyage production.

In a new interview with People, Simmons said the agreement felt like a “natural thing” to make with the Swedish corporation, which had already been working with the band on an avatar concept.

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He reported that the band “broke bread” with Pophouse, “talked about our families and we got to be friends.”

Describing the final Kiss show in December 2023 as a “proud moment,” he predicted that the handover would lead to a reinvention. “If you take a look at Mother Nature, you either evolve or you become extinct,” he argued. “The beginning of [new] Kiss is going to be something that will blow your socks off, like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

On the subject of the unconfirmed price, Simmons said: “That’s not what it’s about. It’s about enjoying life… I’m certainly blessed.” He added: “Life happens while you’re busy making important plans.”

Gene Simmons Focusing on Life After Kiss

With Kiss apparently behind him, he said he was looking forward to touring with the Gene Simmons Band and continuing to develop the restaurant chain he co-founded with Paul Stanley.

Rock & Brews is a proud achievement,” he said. “It’s an experience from the time you walk in. The highest form of praise is if you like something [and] you tell your best friend, ‘You got to check this out.’ Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

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