Eric Singer believes he once owned the first-ever piece of press coverage received by his future bandmates in Kiss. In a recent interview with Goldmine, the drummer said he became a fan in the group’s early days and discussed his favorite album from their classic era.

“I discovered Kiss right when their first [album] came out,” Singer noted. “Before [that] I saw their photo in Rock Scene Magazine, a New York rock magazine, but it was printed in newspaper print. The cover was glossy, but the pages were black and white newsprint. They covered young bands from around NYC, and that's when I first saw Kiss.

“I remember seeing a little picture of Kiss, and Paul Stanley told me that he sent that photo to the magazine for them to print. I can’t verify, but I think it’s their first-ever print press clipping, if you will. So, right away, I was into them because I was into the U.K. glam stuff, and Kiss had some of that going on. … I fell in love right away. I saw Kiss on their first tour when they came to Cleveland opening for Rory Gallagher, so I was in on Kiss early.”

While discussing the records that meant the most to him, Singer gave an “honorable mention” to the 1975 Kiss LP Dressed to Kill. “I love the get-to-the-point vibe and the spirit behind those songs,” he said. “Sure, Kiss had a heaviness about them, but they had that ‘60s rock 'n' roll stuff influencing their music, too.

“A lot of that had to do with the way Peter Criss played drums," he added. "He didn't play like [John] Bonham, Ian Paice or Bill Ward. Peter played more like a '50s or '60s early rock drummer, and that unique style and the chemistry between the guys created a special sound they fully captured on Dressed to Kill."

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