New Yorkers looking for a place to celebrate spring break are not welcome in this popular destination. A warning has been issued for spring breakers to stay away.

Spring Break Hits Florida's Beaches
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One city is flat-out tired of spring breakers coming into its community and wreaking havoc for weeks on end as they celebrate in the most outrageous ways possible. The City of Miami Beach, Florida, has created a hilarious, but serious commercial asking spring break revelers from New York and everywhere else to STAY AWAY! Every year, thousands of college students and other people who just want in on the action head down to the popular Florida city. With them often comes drugs, alcohol, crime, and violence. The City of Miami Beach is sick of having its community destroyed every spring break.

Credit: City of Miami Beach TV via Youtube

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On its official breakup website, Miami Beach says that people who do not heed its warning may not like the way they are treated if they do decide to party there,

Expect curfews, security searches and bag checks at beach access points, early beach entrance closures, DUI checkpoints, bumper-to-bumper traffic, road closures and arrests for drug possession and violence.

Its website also lists out activities that are illegal and that are prohibited on the beach, which many springbreakers partake in, such as:

- Public Alcohol Consumption
- Smoking on Beaches
- Possession or Use of Drugs
- Violence
- Playing Loud Music on Beaches
- Styrofoam Containers and Plastic Straws

You can check out Miami Beach's breakup website here

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