What better way to countdown the days to Christmas than with some beer?

It's December 1 and Christmas is just 24 days away. For those who stress out trying to get everything done in time for the big holiday there's one great way to relax: The Beervent Calendar.

While the idea isn't new, it was something I never really considered doing until I visited a small town in Connecticut last month that was selling Beervent Calendars.  I pictured an enormous wooden box with 24 giant drawers filled with bottles of beer.  But when I inquired what these calendars were all about, the salesman said it was much simpler than all of that. Basically, the liquor store would pick out 24 beers, put them in paper bags and number them for you.

Well, I certainly didn't need a store to do that for me. So this year I decided to make my own Beervent Calendar.

I searched through the beer fridge for some cans and bottles of beer from this year's travels, added in some rare beers that I've been hanging on to in the cellar and finished off the 24 selections with some holiday beers at the store. In no time at all, I had 24 beers ready to go.

After placing the beers in the garage to stay cold, I covered each of them with a brown paper lunch bag and randomly numbered them all with a marker. All that's left is to crack one open each night and enjoy.

Have you ever created your own alcoholic advent calendar to de-stress during the holidays? We'd love to hear about it.  Fell free to share your calendar on our Facebook page.