Indian Point power plant is set to close by 2021 and there's already an idea for what to do with the property.

The idea to shut down the plant was released this week, and although it's not entirely official, reports are saying that a formal announcement should come soon.

If the plant is to close as expected, what should be done with the huge property sitting right on the Hudson River? Well, some are saying that we may want to turn to Germany for inspiration.

A former German nuclear power plant has been successfully transformed into an amusement park. All of the old buildings have been repurposed, including the enormous cooling tower that has been turned into a thrilling swing ride:

Although it may seem strange to bring your kids to play where tons of radiation used to be stored, the amusement park does seem pretty cool. And it's successful too. Approximately 600,000 tourists visit Wunderland Kalkar, just north of Dusseldorf, every year.

And just check out the view from on top of the vertical swing, which is housed in the power plant's former cooling tower. We can just imagine what it would be like to view the beautiful Hudson River valley from this height.

YouTube/Hold Tight Riders
YouTube/Hold Tight Riders

With LEGOLAND being built in Orange County, the Hudson Valley may become a destination for thrill-ride enthusiasts. So why not create something like this at Indian Point?

We want to know what you think. Would you go to an amusement park if it opened up at the former nuclear site? If not, what would you like to see happen to the property? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.