Growing up, as a kid, there were times when there were a bunch of us kids, we would pile into the back of a pickup truck, and someone would drive us around town. Maybe we would go to Stewarts, maybe Mcdonald's, I just remember that it was the summer, and it was pretty tough to climb up into the back of the pickup truck bed.

Can this be done today? What might be considered a right of 'summer passage' today could be considered a huge safety 'fail!"

Is it legal to ride in the back of a pickup truck in New York State?

Dog on black pick up truck -back view

Well, it depends. According to New York State Vehicle Traffic Law, 1222, trucks with people who are standing in the back of the truck while the truck is in motion, can have people stand in the back of the truck while it is in motion, as long as it is traveling less than a total of 5 miles or less.

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What about kids or dogs riding in the back of the pickup truck in New York State?

Couple Sitting In Pick Up Truck On Camping Holiday Smiling To Camera

For the last few years, dogs have not been able to ride in the back of a pickup truck, unless they are in a pet carrier that is also secured to the truck. For kids, it is still illegal to ride in any vehicle where they are not also using seatbelts. Does that mean if you have seatbelts in the back of the truck it's ok? Not

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