Residents of the Hudson Valley are being asked to supply water samples, but before you submit one, you need to know where the request is coming from.

The Town of Wappinger issued a warning on their Facebook page alerting residents who may have received a notice on their door. The flyer is requesting water samples from private homes to be tested. You may have received messages like this in the past, and they may have even included a vial to take the sample and submit it to be analyzed for foreign substances and chemicals.

Municipal water can include trace amounts of dangerous substances. Periodically, the water supply is tested to make sure these chemicals stay below an acceptable level and that the drinking water is safe for residents to use.

Unfortunately, the notices being left throughout the Town of Wappinger are not from the town or its water treatment provider. A message from the town says that the water sample requests are actually from a private company. It's unclear why they are soliciting samples, but most likely, it's an attempt to sell residents water filters or other products to improve the quality of their water.

The Town of Wappinger says that CAMP Pollution Control Incl is the town's licensed water treatment provider and they are not sponsoring the testing that's being advertised to residents. Because this is not a town testing program, officials are warning residents to supply samples at their own risk, as the town is not involved in the process at all.

For information on official water quality tests, the Town of Wappinger suggests viewing the latest report on their website.

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