If you're planning on carving your pumpkin for Halloween, don't do it this weekend.

With Halloween arriving on Tuesday, many families will probably begin the process of carving their pumpkins. This year, that would be a grave mistake.

There are lots of traditions that come with Halloween. Whether it's watching It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, making candy apples or getting together for a costume party, this is the weekend to do it. Carving pumpkins, however, should not be on your list.

Why Shouldn't New Yorkers Carve Pumpkins Yet?

You'd think that this weekend would actually be the perfect time to carve up a jack-o-lantern, but it would actually be a huge mistake.


According to experts, pumpkin carving is usually recommended to be done no earlier than five days before Halloween so the jack-o-lantern doesn't rot. While that means we're already well within the acceptable window, you're still going to want to wait a bit longer before taking a knife to your pumpkin.

Unusual Halloween Circumstances in Hudson Valley This Year

The reason for delaying your pumpkin carving comes down to the weather. This weekend, the Hudson Valley is expected to see unseasonably warm temperatures. Friday's high temperature will be in the upper 70s and Saturday will have a high close to 80 degrees. The conditions will quickly melt any pumpkin that's been carved and left outdoors.


To make matters worse, rain is expected on Sunday and Monday, which will cause those already softening pumpkins to soak in water and turn to mush before the first trick-or-treater comes to your door.

Should I Keep My Pumpkin Indoors This Year?

If you do decide to keep your carved pumpkin indoors, you should be prepared for fruit flies. Because the weather is so warm, those little flies will be swarming into homes looking for food. A carved pumpkin is an attractive


If you can't resist carving your pumpkin early this year, some experts say that spraying it with a coating of WD-40 will slow the decomposition process. However, it's important to wipe off any excess oil and keep open flames away from the pumpkin. Instead, use a battery-operated light that won't ignite the WD-40.

When Should You Carve Your Pumpkin

To be sure that your jack-o-lantern looks its best for Halloween night, you should probably wait until at least Sunday night. Temperatures are expected to be cooler on Monday and Tuesday, so pumpkins should last a couple of days despite being exposed to forecasted rain.

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