How do you enjoy Turkey Day if you've vowed to never eat meat? Several Hudson Valley events are aimed at doing just that.

I think we can all respect anyone who's decided not eat meat, whether it's for health or ethical reasons. Being a vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice that everyone should have the right to make.

But it does get kind of awkward around Thanksgiving.

The entire day is really centered around that turkey; that delicious, meaty turkey. For vegetarians it's gotta be tough. But if you're going meatless in the Hudson Valley there are several events where you can pretend to enjoy Thanksgiving, without all of those succulent drumsticks.

Hudson Valley Vegans will be hosting their 33rd annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck. The event takes place starting at 1:30 at the Rhinebeck Reformed Church. Attendees pay a small admission and bring a meat-free dish. Beverages, breads and stuffing not made inside a turkey are all provided. There's even a vegan dessert contest.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving marks the annual Thanksgiving Celebration for the Turkeys at Safe Haven Farm in Poughquag. Visitors can watch turkeys feast on their own dinner while enjoying complementary vegan food and refreshments. You can also sponsor your own turkey and receive a certificate and photo of the turkey.

Catskill Game Farm gives vegans the chance to sponsor a turkey for Thanksgiving instead of purchasing one for the dinner table. Supporters can give money to help feed and supply medical care for their six turkey residents. Sponsors can give to either Michael, Elery, Declan, Howard, Imogen or Daisy. All six rescued turkeys live at the farm year round.

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary hosted another sold out ThanksLiving gala this year. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving supporters can attend this fancy event where the farm's turkey residents are honored with a feast that includes innovative vegan dishes.