Wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd  t-shirt may soon be forbidden in a local school district.

According to The Woodstock Times, the Onteora Central School District is discussing whether to implement a ban on the confederate flag. During a September 12 Board of Education meeting teachers, parents and other school officials urged the board to forbid students to wear clothing that depicted the confederate flag.

Officials said that they want to allow students the right to freely express themselves, but in light of recent neo-nazi rallies across the nation they also want to make sure the school doesn't encourage intolerance, bullying or intimidation.

One Onteora High School teacher recalled an incident where a student wore a confederate flag shirt to class. The teacher said the shirt caused a disruption.

While no decision has been made yet, the public is invited to speak at the next meeting on September 26. A member of the school's legal counsel will also be in attendance to discuss first amendment issues within the school.

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