A Hudson Valley neighborhood is crawling with cockroaches thanks to an abandoned property that the insects have turned into an enormous nest.

Time Warner Cable News reports that the cockroaches started breeding in a vacant building in Kingston and are now holding the entire neighborhood hostage. Neighbors have reported swarms of cockroaches coming from the home and marching right into theirs. It's a disgusting situation that would make anyone's skin crawl.

The residents of the roach-infested home on Van Buren Street left a few weeks ago. Most likely the heat and any garbage left in the home have created a perfect breeding ground for the insects which are now completely out of control. The property manager of the house had attempted to eradicate the cockroaches on several occasions but admits that the problem is just too big to fix, so professionals will need to be called in


Residents felt let down by the City of Kingston which had done little to assist them. Neighbors of the abandoned home were told that sanitation would not be picking up their garbage due to a policy that refuses the collection of trash containing cockroaches. Homeowners were horrified to think that their roach-infested garbage would keep piling up in the hot sun only making the situation worse.

The City of Kingston has since stepped in, making sure the Department of Public Works would be picking up the trash. They've also reachec out to exterminators to work with the city to help eradicate the cockroaches. Until then neighbors will be living a horror that most of us will only have nightmares about.

A few years ago Animal Planet documented what it was like to live with a colony of cockroaches in an episode of "Infested." If the residents of Kingston are living like this, we really hope they get some much needed help soon.