We had a good run this summer, but as students move back into their dorms this weekend we all know that things are about to change.

Sure, we love the energy and excitement that comes with having college students living in our area, but let's be honest. Sometimes those kids get on everybody's nerves. I think most people living in the Hudson Valley can relate to our list of things that are going to suck now that they've moved back in for the Fall.

  1. Having to wait an extra 10 minutes for our order at the Starbucks across from Marist
  2. Never getting a table at that Starbucks because everyone is busy "studying"
  3. Piles of vomit on Main Street in New Paltz
  4. The weather's still great for partying at the Newburgh Waterfront, but... college kids
  5. Track and field teams blocking traffic while making you feel fat and lazy
  6. Piles of vomit on Market Street in Poughkeepsie
  7. Waiting behind someone who's never shopped at a grocery store in their lives.
  8. Forget drying your clothes at the laundromat unless it's 10pm on a Saturday night
  9. Bros at the gym. "Looking good bro." "You too, bruh."
  10. You forget that it's parents weekend and attempt to go out to dinner without a reservation
  11. Vassar students protesting about plastic traffic cones or something ridiculous while you're just trying to enjoy a beer at the Beech Tree.
  12. Hoverboards
  13. Piles of vomit outside the diner
  14. The Vassar Quidditch league starts up again
  15. Having to watch packs of students in matching outfits having fun on a pub crawl while you're sitting at work.
  16. Fire alarms every hour until microwave popcorn is finally banned from the dorm again in October.
  17. Mumford and Sons
  18. Off campus parties that are loud and obnoxious and we secretly wish we were invited to
  19. Pumpkin spice back on all of the menus around every college campus in the area
  20. Hacky sacks and devil sticks return to the Village of New Paltz
  21. Baja shirts
  22. Ramen noodles are sold out everywhere
  23. Piles of vomit on the sidewalk in front of your house
  24. The smell of stale beer coming from pretty much everywhere
  25. Long Island accents
  26. Plumes of clove cigarette smoke in front of every coffee shop
  27. That kid at the bar that insists on yelling "Whoooooooo!" every five minutes
  28. The inevitable Bernie Sanders rallies that will probably last until after the election is even over.
  29. Having to explain to your kids what those Sorority and Fraternity pledges are doing dressed as the cast of Rocky Horror
  30. More piles of vomit

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you're least looking forward to now that college students are invading the Hudson Valley. You can share your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.