It took a little more than just blood, sweat and tears for a local man to set a new Guinness world record.

This weekend Frank Duncan attempted to set a record for the longest speed bag session. The old record was just over 30 hours, but Duncan was determined to make it over two days.

Just before his attempt, however, Duncan fell ill and began suffering from flu-like symptoms. He told us he had a fever,  but was still determined to set the record. While he didn't make it past two days, Duncan did miraculously endure a grueling 40 hours of speed bagging to secure the record.

Duncan told us the last few hours were spent with one hand hitting the bag and another holding a trash bin that he was vomiting into. Even hallucinations and weak muscles didn't deter Duncan from his mission to make it for two days.

But just after 40 hours Duncan's wife saw that he had enough and pulled him off of the bag. Duncan says he would have kept going, but was glad it ended before he wound up seriously hurting himself.

When we asked Frank if he would do it all over again he hesitated, but said if the record was broken he would most certainly give it another go.