A Hudson Valley hospital announced that it is shutting down its skilled nursing unit and will lay off up to 118 employees.

Skilled nursing care is a high level of medical care that patients can receive under the direct supervision of licensed health professionals. Registered nurses, physical therapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists all work in the short term with patients who need rehabilitation. Skilled nursing care can be necessary after a patient suffers an injury or illness or could be required for longer periods when the patient is dealing with a chronic condition.

Garnet Health has announced that they will be shutting down their skilled nursing unit and laying off up to 118 employees. The public filing says that the decision to terminate the program is due to "a below than optimal occupancy level."

The hospital will terminate 66 positions on October 29 with an additional 52 employees being identified as "having the potential to be bumped." The employees are represented by New York State Nurses Association National Union and SEIU United Health Care Workers East.

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According to their website, the hospital's skilled nursing unit is a is 64-bed nursing and rehabilitation center located at the Garnet Health Center's Harris campus. The center's professional team is comprised of a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Social Worker, Certified Activities Director, ADA Registered Dietitians, Licensed Physical Therapists, Licensed Occupational Therapists, and Licensed Speech/Language Pathologists.

The Garnet Health Medical Center in Harris employs approximately 690 people. There is no indication that the closing of the skilled nursing unit will affect the rest of the hospital staff.

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