I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how lucky I am to be able to choose my meals everyday and enjoy them with family and friends. I hope the same can be said for you.  Each morning over coffee and some sort of breakfast my family plots out our day. Part of the plan always includes what's for dinner that night.


Planning our family meal for the end of the day is always satisfying even if it is a lot of "I don't know what do you want?". What's even nicer is that I am most likely having this conversation as I am sorting thru leftovers or cold cuts and fresh fruit to create some sort of lunch for while I am at work.

I realize mealtime planning isn't always everyone's favorite part of the day but take a moment and think about how bad it would be if you couldn't plan a meal at all.


What I am getting at is that grocery shopping and putting food on the table can be a bit of a chore but imagine if you couldn't do it at all. Imagine if you and your family were in a situation that meant there was no dinner to plan because there was not food in the house.

Food insecurity is a real thing in the Hudson Valley. The COVID pandemic only made this problem worst. Fortunately, we have services in our area that are available for people who need help with their food budget or who just plain flat out need food. But those programs need us to help.

Food in a donation cardboard box, isolated on white background


So how can you help?

Be a Volunteer: Food bank of the Hudson Valley is in need of volunteers to sort and package food that has been donated at their warehouse in Cornwall-on-Hudson. They are grateful for anytime you can spare. They also need people at events throughout the year.

Donate Food: Food bank of the Hudson Valley accepts a variety of food donations. You can put together a food box on your own or attend an event they are holding where an organization work with the food bank is gathering food for them.

Donate Money: Food Bank of the Hudson Valley also accepts monetary donation and those you can do with the click of a button. As a matter of fact you could start a habit of putting a part of your food budget towards a donation each week. You'll feel good and you would be surprised how it will add up even if it is only a tiny amount.

What if you Need Help?

Please ask: Food Bank of the Hudson Valley services many food pantries in the Hudson Valley and they can help you find a food pantry near you. They have a complete list and a search feature on their website. They have contacts in Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Greene and Columbia Counties.

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