Does the idea of homeschooling frighten you? How about the idea of your kid being in a classroom? It almost seems as if you just can't win in these days of coronavirus. Luckily, the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum on Muser Drive in Cornwall has come up with some solutions. The Homeschool Naturalist Programs.

Designed for children ages 6 –10, these programs provide children the opportunity to explore, play, and learn in the forest. Daily activities, games, stories, and nature play support our seasonal curriculum and provide crucial time to develop the social-emotional skills that are at the foundation of a child’s learning journey. Environmental Educators ensure that each child’s educational needs are met while nurturing more awe and wonder for the natural world. It's an excellent way to supplement distance learning.

Worried about safety? The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum follows guidelines from the State of New York, the CDC, the orange County Department of Health and the American Camping Association. To find out more information about the Homeschool Naturalist Programs, and to find out how they are safeguarding students. visit the HHNM website.


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