After President Trump's speech last night, Hudson Valley Representative Sean Patrick Maloney whispered something in the President's ear. We had to find out what it was.

Not since the final scene of "Lost in Translation" have we been more curious about a whisper.

Donald Trump gave his first joint speech to Congress on Tuesday night. Going into his first address the President had the lowest approval ratings of any new president in recent history, so there was a lot on the line.

Talking to a divided room, with a large number of women dressed in white out of protest, Trump did what many had hoped he would. The president laid out specific plans for our country and addressed some of the fears that many voters feel about dismantling progress that has already been made.

One strong opponent of President Trump has been Hudson Valley congressman, Sean Patrick Maloney. After the joint address, Maloney was one of the few Democrats to approach the President. The congressman was seen talking to Trump, who leaned in closer as Maloney privately whispered in his ear.

Afterwards, Representative Maloney shared the discussion on his Twitter account. He said:

Lots of ppl asking what I said to POTUS. Told him he could protect LGBT employees by leaving Obama orders in place. He said he would.

Kudos to the congressman for reaching across the aisle with a dialog. Here's hoping the conversation continues and that Congress can work together with the President for all of our best interests.

In case you missed it, here is the President's complete address from last night.