Today is a big day. It's Ringo Starr's 80th birthday. And he still looks great. But the fact that Ringo is 80 makes me feel pretty old. I still think of Ringo as that boyish twenty-something year old from my childhood. But he is an 80 year old man. Yikes!

Ringo is kind if different to me than the other Beatles. He's the one that everybody seems to think has no talent. Or at the very least, not as much talent as his band mates. But I beg to differ. Maybe his song writing skills are not as strong as the others, but Ringo is a great drummer. He is a drummer who knows how to play a song. Even a simple song. I believe it takes a lot of control to do that. And he's funny. Plus, he's had a long and successful career. Yup, Ringo Starr is a talented guy and The beatles would not have been The Beatles without him.

Happy Birthday, Ringo. Thanks for being part of my childhood, and my adult years too. Love and peace. Peace and love.

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