Glenn Hughes was reportedly taken offstage by paramedics during a show in New Zealand earlier today.

According to Stuff, the singer was about an hour and 45 minutes into his two-hour show at the Horncastle Arena in Christchurch when he left the stage. A fan referred to it as "some sort of a medical event."

The New Zealand Herald reports that someone at the show said that Hughes couldn't stand up after being onstage for more than an hour. The same fan said that Hughes complained about having a cold throughout the concert.

Stuff reports that Hughes' tour publicist spoke to the concert promoter, who said the singer was "comfortable and resting" and was receiving treatment after the incident. Hughes is scheduled to be looked over tomorrow, when it will be decided whether or not his tour will continue. He's currently scheduled for another few dates in New Zealand.

Hughes, who sang with Deep Purple in the mid '70s, Black Sabbath in the early '80s and currently fronts the reunited Black Country Communion, has a history of heart trouble and drug problems. He had a heart attack in 1991 that helped him clean up. He now helps others with similar problems.

"That's my lot, to attend one more funeral and another one, and another one, and another," he told Stuff earlier this month. "They keep coming. In the past year, there have been nine people I've known that have died, and it breaks my heart because I know the families of these people – and it's very, very sad."

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