Most young kids spend their days thinking about playing with their friends, or riding bikes, or maybe when their parents will take them out for pizza again.

Jury duty is probably not one of the things that crosses their minds often, but it did for one 4 year-old boy from Swoyersville, Pennsylvania recently.

Desiree Shrader, his mother, said: 

I was curious to know how they got his information and decided that he needed to come and make some kind of decisions here.

Most grown adults don't want to have to attend jury duty and will think of any excuse to get out, so how did a little kid get called? WNEP says that one of court administrator believes his name was accidenlty added to a list of jurors from tax documents his great-grandmother filed after buying him stocks.

His parents went to the Luzerne County Courthouse to explain what happened, and then Damien was excused from serving shortly after. Seems he had pre-school that day, so he couldn't make it.