Looks like former New Jersey Net Jayson Williams has been arrested again for DWI, this time in the Hudson Valley.

According to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Williams was charged with misdemeanor drunk driving in the Town of Delaware hamlet of Hortonville.

The Times Herald reports that the 47 year-old former NBA power forward was arrested January 26 after hitting a utility pole and flipping his vehicle.

County Undersheriff Eric Chaboty said that while Williams was cooperative with police, his speech was slurred and he was having trouble trying to stand up. Chaboty said he failed a field sobriety test.

Williams told deputies he was trying to avoid a deer and swerved off the road.

Williams was taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center where he submitted to a blood exam before being released.

Williams attended St. John's University and played for nine season in the NBA. the last seven of which were for the New Jersey Nets. He averaged 7.3 points per game and 7.5 rebounds for his career. He made the NBA All-Star team in 1998.

He retired from the Nets in 2000.

Williams has had his share of legal troubles since he retired. In 2010, Williams plead guilty to aggravated assault after the 2002 death of limo driver Costas Christofi, after Christofi was accidentally shot and killed at Williams' estate in New Jersey.

Williams had attempted to turn his life around by mentoring middle schoolers at the Henry Street Settlement in Manhattan's Lower East Side.