A viral dessert is now available in the Hudson Valley and it's even more delicious than you may think.

If you're one of those people whose TikTok feed is filled with crazy foods from all over the world, you've most likely seen waffle nachos. The mind-bending dessert trend takes traditional nachos and reimagines them as a decadent ice cream dessert.

Ice Cream stands across the country have begin to take notice of this craze and introduce their own versions of the viral treat. While the presentation may vary, the idea is usually pretty much the same. Instead of tortilla chips, the nachos feature waffle cone chips that can be dipped in a variety of toppings and ice cream.

Village Creamery
Village Creamery

Here in the Hudson Valley there are at least two places that now offer the ice cream nachos, if only on a limited basis. Popular stands in Ulster and Dutchess County have added waffle nachos to their menu and customers are raving about them.

Sawyer Ice Cream Co. in Saugerties was the first place that I noticed started selling waffle nachos. Their version includes ice cream, pre-formed waffle chips and a choice of two toppings. Customers can scoop ice cream onto the chip and dip it into anything from hot fudge to sprinkles.

This weekend, The Village Creamery in Wappingers Falls also added waffle nachos to its list of specials for the Festival at the Falls. Owner Molly Mcdonough said that a special delivery of nacho trays was delayed, but she decided to offer the special anyway. Customers didn't seem to mind, as they gobbled up ice cream nachos throughout the day.

Have you found waffle nachos at any other ice cream stands in the Hudson Valley? Let us know by dropping us a message on our app and we'll update this story with more locations.

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If you're on the hunt for waffle nachos, it's probably best to call ahead to make sure they're on the menu.  Both Sawyer Ice Cream Co. and the Village Creamery have only had the treat as a special and have not yet added it to their permanent menus.

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