Gender reveal parties have become all the rage, as expectant parents gather family and friends to announce the gender of their unborn baby. Check out sites like YouTube, and you'll find hours upon hours of footage of soon-to-be parents creatively showing the world the gender of their baby.

Some of the reveals have become quite extravagant. And then some have just become downright dumb. This falls under the latter of the two.

Gender Reveal Creates Huge Explosion is reporting that a family at a gender party used explosives for their reveal. In this case, a lot (Police have said it was 80 pounds of Tannerite).

The resulting blast was so powerful that it shook homes from southern New Hampshire to all the way across the border south to Massachusetts, according to NBC Boston. Police in Kingston, NH confirmed that the massive explosion came from the gender reveal.

Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs said that the blast happened Tuesday evening at a nearby quarry in town, which caused tremors over a 20 mile radius.

But while these shenanigans obviously rattled many neighbors' nerves across several towns, officials believe the explosives were used legally and that the people had permission to be on the property at the time.

Some panicked residents took to social media Tuesday night, thinking it was an earthquake that just struck. One witness described the noise as "earth shaking". Another, described to police about the "god awful blast" that knocked their pictures off the walls

Man in Sullivan County Dies

Gender reveals have attracted their share of controversy in recent years, due to some of the increasingly careless and dangerous stunts some have used for the reveal.

In February, tragedy struck in Sullivan County, when 28-year-old Christopher Pekny was killed while building a device to be used at an upcoming reveal party. The device exploded resulting in the death of the Liberty man. The story drew national attention,

Gender Reveal Sparks On the Nation's Worst Blazes 

One of the worst accidents from a gender reveal happened Labor Day weekend 2020, when a botched reveal sparked the infamous El Dorado Fire in California ,which would burn over 22,000 acres over 23 days.

The smoke from the El Dorado fire (and numerous other West Coast wildfires) reached all the way across the country to the Hudson Valley. 

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