Here's a surprise! For those who were unaware, Lemmy Kilmister played in the power trio The Head Cat (now Headcat), a bluesy, rockabilly group rounded out by Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats) and Danny B. Harvey (Lonesome Spurs, The Rockats). The group has now named Lemmy's replacement, tapping former Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent to handle both bass and vocal duties.

The band announced the news on their Facebook page (post seen below), initially stating, "After the success of the Headcat show last December in Berlin, the two surviving members of Headcat, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey, have decided to continue the band they started with Lemmy Kilmister over 17 years ago."

Headcat have three shows booked in the U.S. and "a handful of European shows in late summer" which will be announced soon. In light of this news, the band saw it fit to reveal they had recruited Vincent. "David's powerful baritone voice and thunderous bass playing is very complimentary to both Danny B's guitar style and Slim Jim's drumming. Different than Lemmy, but true to Headcat's vision and direction," they began. "Rockabilly and death metal??? As Lemmy Kilmister, Danny B, Slim Jim and our fans have always tried to tell to you, 'It's all rock 'n' roll!'"

There's some familiarity between Harvey and Vincent as the two have played together before. In January of 2016, video surfaced of the artists playing in a four-piece country group, offering up an original song, "Buyer Beware."

This also not the first time Morbid Angel's name has had any affiliation with Motorhead as the two groups toured together in 2002. Vincent was not in the band at the time however as the group was then fronted by Jared Anderson.

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