Have you been comfortable enough to head back into the gym? Are you getting your workouts in? That is awesome. It means that you are feeling good and are taking care of yourself.

When you are at the gym, do you just wish you could pull people to the side and tell them to stop doing whatever stupid (or rude, or evil) thing that they are doing? How can you tell someone that their behavior is ruining it for other people? Come on! Every New Yorker knows that you don't do these 5 things at the gym. 

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What are the 5 things that you are never to do at the gym?

Reopening Of Indoor Climbing Gyms In Sao Paulo Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic
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Ok, you might start calling me names, but these are just behaviors that make me nuts, that people have no clue that they are doing, that make the gym not a fun space to be in.

Keep the perfume off your body and at home. Seriously, who wears perfume or cologne to the gym? As you start to sweat, it starts to smell even more horrible than when you first stepped into the gym.

What should you not do to the equipment at the gym? Come on its called courtesy people!

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One of the big things (especially now with people still getting sick) is wiping your machine down after (heck, wipe it down before if you want to) you work out. The gym I go to has spray cleaners all over the place, plus paper towels, so clean it and wipe if down. Also, don't spray the machine with the cleaner as it can mess with the electronics, spray the towel and then wipe it down.

Where does your cellphone belong when you are at the gym?

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It belongs on silent. If you are waiting for a call or need to keep the phone on you because of the kids, I got it. But standing next to someone, while you yell on the phone (or better yet, speakerphone) is not a good time.

Are there certain things that you shouldn't do in the locker room?

Oh, where should I begin here. I have to say, I rarely see a full on nude person in the locker room, and when I do it completely surprises me. Am I naive? According to the guys at work, dudes in the locker room are more apt to strut their nakedness without a second thought. While there is the 'if you've got it, flaunt it!' Just know that no one wants to see you.

Also, lastly in the locker room, don't pee on the toilet seat. Or if you are wet from the shower or the pool and you have to go, can you at least wipe the seat off when you are done?

What drives you nuts about the things other people do at the gym, that they don't realize are rude?

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