Must be a slow news day.

If you ever wanted to smell like a genius you now can for a price. And by price, we mean twelve hundred dollars. Doesn't sound so sweet now. Who spends money on stuff like this?

Anyway, a company out of Brooklyn is making it possible but first you got to spend the money on a jacket. Wait, what? Well, the NY Post says that if you buy a Levi's Menlo Cossack limited edition jacket, they'll throw in a bottle of the Einstein cologne (or is it perfume?) with it.

The Post says the stuff, which was made by D.S. & Durga, smells like pipe tobacco, papyrus manuscripts and old leather. Wearing some of this may assure that you won't meet any new friends at your next party.

Einstein's old brown leather jacket sold at an auction in 2016 for nearly $146,000.