Looking to purchase about 100 acres with 30 structures for as little as $100,000?

You'll soon have your chance!

RoAnn Destito of the N.Y. state Office of General Services said that the medium-security Chateaugay Correctional Facility in Franklin County will be auctioned off. The auction date is pretty soon, as the NY Posts reports it will be auctioned "as is" July 24. 

Chateaugay opened in 1990 and by the mid-2000s became a facility for repeat parole violators. It closed on July 26, 2014.

Chateaugay is a small town of a little over 2,000 that lies in the northern part of the state, that is "10 miles from both Quebec and Ontario in Canada — making the region a strategic location for Canadian companies serving the U.S. market,” according to the listing. 

If you were ever thinking about hosting weddings or graduation events, you may want to keep the place in mind. The Post says the facility has its own dorms, a dining hall, a kitchen with walk-in coolers and freezers, and storage units. 

Of course, it's located in the middle of nowhere in an economically depressed with nothing to do, so you might want to reconsider throwing your next party there.