Have you ever thought about getting a job with New York State? Has there been something that has stopped you? Is it the taking of the dreaded New York State Civil Service Examination? There has recently been a change that is making it easier for everyone in New York to take this exam.

What is the change and what will you need to do to be able to take advantage of this change? Keep reading.

How is it now easier to take a New York State Civil Service Exam?


Governor Hochul made the announcement, recently via press release, that all NYS Civil Service Exam fees will be waved from July 1, 2023, through December 2025. Why has this happened and how could this possibly benefit New Yorkers?

How will this change benefit all New York State residents?

Albany, New York, USA
Sean Pavone

The change will help everyone by making the NYS Civil Service Exam more accessible to those who are looking to get a job within the New York State system. These exam fees will now be waived through 2025. Previously, exam fees had been waived for Veterans, or the unemployed and those on public assistance. 

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How Can You Explore Job Opportunities with New York State?

The best place for you to begin your search is to go to the New York State Jobs website. It will help you search through the current openings, create a NY.gov account, and navigate your way through any potential Civil Service Exams.

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