Everybody is different, some may want to use a coffee pod more than once. while other ditch it after one use. What's your method?

While at the office today, we ended up having an interesting conversation. I was making a cup of coffee and noticed that it was time to descaled our coffee machine, as it seemed to be acting funky. So I told a coworker about the issue, as they used the machine a lot so I wanted to give them a heads up. During the chat, we ended up talking about how we prepared our own coffee using the machine.

It seemed that we had similar habits as we both used bigger mugs and would fill it by using the same K-cup twice. My method is to select the biggest size and brew it, then brew again using the same pod and select a smaller size to fill my mug to the top. Doing this I don't taste much of a difference. You would think that using the same pod twice would make the second cup weaker or more of a lighter roast to use some coffee lingo.

My coworker actually does the same thing. I searched around the internet and it seems a lot of people use this method, while others appear to be pretty strict about using it once and throwing it in the trash.

What's your method, will you use the same pod a few times, or are you a one-time and done type of person?

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