If you drive in Orange County a lot, you might want to slow down. There's been a speed limit change in Montgomery. Did you notice it?

When driving on Route 211, from Middletown, the speed limit was always 55 MPH, and once you entered the village of Montgomery it dropped to 30 MPH, and vice versa.

Now, the speed limit drops from 55 MPH to 45 MPH once you hit the Orange County Airport. Just ahead of that, at the Airport Bar, the speed limit drops even further from 45 MPH to 30 MPH and carries through the village.

The same follows for leaving the village; it's 30 MPH until the bar, then it goes to 45 MPH, and up to 55 MPH past the Orange County Airport.

Every time I've driven on this road since the change, I've noticed a police officer parked behind a bush at the Airport. So if you're passing through the area slow down and drive cautiously.