Most of us know about the popular dating app Tinder, were users swipe right hoping to find love. But what about saving a life? Well one joint right swipe just might save the life of a Florida mother of two.

47-year-old, Erika Bragan suffers from a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease. She was in desperate need of a transplant after being on the list for 3 years.  The mother of two is now set to receive that new kidney on November 18th thanks to the dating app Tinder.

Earlier this summer Rich O’Dea, 43, matched with Jennifer Thomas, 35, on Tinder. After some back and forth messaging, the pair decided to meet in person at an Imagine Dragons concert in Tampa, Florida on July 10th.

At the concert, the two hit it off and talked about everything from favorite foods, movies, T.V. shows and more. That’s when O’Dea mentioned that his best friends wife was in desperate need of new kidney.

Thomas told PEOPLE, that has a mother herself, she couldn’t imagine being in this women's shoes. She thought about the pain the mother must have been going through about leaving her children behind.

The two knew weeding bells weren’t in their future, but a week later, Thomas texted O’Dea to see if she could help.

Thomas underwent three months of testing, including blood work, a 24-hour urine examination and a CT scan. While Thomas and O’Dea weren’t a perfect love match, Thomas turned out to be the perfect kidney match.

Thomas and O’Dea have remained friends. The Bragan family now considers Thomas and her son a member of their family. Who knew that one simple swipe right changed the lives of so many!