Daryl Hall, of Hall and Oats, and owner of Daryl's House in Pawling plans to open an outdoor stage, with the capacity of more than 1,000.

Hall is taking his music venue and restaurant to the next level by adding this outdoor stage. There will be a lawn for standing and setting up lawn chairs. Also, a new parking lot will be construction to accommodate the new additions.

The 2016 Daryl Hall Backyard Concert Series is set to kick off this Memorial Day weekend, according to The Poughkeepsie Journal. Between 12 and 20 concerts are scheduled for the new venue this year.

More information can be found on the Daryl's House website.

Daryl Hall, who current lives in Connecticut, films his internet and cable television show "Live from Daryl's House" without an audience at Daryls's House in Pawling, as reported by The Poughkeepsie Journal.

Hall & Oats are set to perform at Madison Square Garden this week.

Here's some footage from Daryl's House