It's hurricane season.

With many parts of the South stilling feeling the fury of Hurricane Irma, some are already watching the Atlantic's next big storm: Hurricane Jose.

While it's still far out in the Atlantic and too early to really say, some forecast models say the Category 2 storm could move ashore somewhere in New England by the weekend.

This is certainly unexpected news, considering a number of meteorologists thought the hurricane would simply turn out to sea and move away from the eastern U.S. USA Today is saying a big area of high pressure is causing the storm to loop around counterclockwise and could send the storm towards the east coast.

So where exactly? That's the big question. Some models say it could hit anywhere from South Carolina to Canada. Not really a precise forecast so far so say the least. And there's always a chance the storm could still turn again and move out to the middle of the Atlantic away from U.S. like originally predicted.

Not to spread panic, but it's still a ways out. Also, consider that it seems every year there are more and more of these projected weather models and scenarios, and none of them ever seem to agree on anything. Anytime there's a storm, you'll hear about fifty different potential storm paths and forecasts, so it can get confusing.

Jose was once a powerful Category 4 storm, but has diminished somewhat over the past two days. If it were move ashore on the east coast by weekend it could be as a Category 1 hurricane.