Fans rejoiced when a New York woman won on Jeopardy! but then came some controversy.

A woman from the Lower Hudson Valley became a Jeopardy! champion

Westchester County, New York Woman Wins On Jeopardy!


Katie Palumbo of Amawalk, New York finished first on Monday's episode of Jeopardy!

"Exciting news! SHS grad Katie Palumbo will be on Jeopardy on Monday night. Good luck, Katie- we’ll be cheering for you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #jeopardy #somerscentralschooldistrict," the Somers Central School District posted on Facebook.

Palumbo is a graduate of Somers High School and works as a museum interpreter, according to her Jeopardy! bio.

Somers High School Graduate Wins On Jeopardy!


Palumbo, a lifelong fan of the show, competed on the show in late 2022, but the episode aired this week.

Palumbo finished with $23,000 after Monday's game finished first and defeated the three-time defending champion, Yogesh Raut.

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"She won! Katie Palumbo, SHS class of 2010, took the win on Jeopardy on Monday, January 16. Her one-day total winnings are $23,100. Katie continues her run Tuesday night," the Somers Central School District wrote on Facebook.

Palumbo said her winnings will pay off her college debt.

Many fans were happy to see Palumbo oust Raut (pictured below on the left) who wasn't liked by many fans of the show.



Likely because he claims he beat top contestant James Holzhauer at high school trivia and defeated now Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings at a trivia convention.

New York Woman's Jeopardy! Run Ends In Controversy

Sadly, Palumbo's run ended Tuesday night. But, not without controversy.

Fans are upset with the "poorly worded" final clue, according to The US Sun.

"Under the pressure of being on the show, if you've never heard of this before, one can be thrown off trying to figure out exactly what's being asked here," one viewer wrote regarding the poorly worded final question.

The final clue was:

MIMAL, sometimes said to be the silhouette of a chef or elf, stands for Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and these 2 states.

The correct response was:

What are Arkansas and Louisiana?

None of the three contestants got Final Jeopardy! correct.

"I'm from one of the five states and, though I am familiar with the chef meme, have never once heard the five states grouped or referred to this way," another upset fan about Final Jeopardy!, The US Sun reports.

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Palumbo finished in second place on Tuesday. Vince Bacani a risk manager from Canada was Tuesday's winner.

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