Holy crap this is insane.

Look, we all know that when you go off to college you're probably going to have a night or two (or more) with your friends. You've finally got freedom and don't your parents around to nag you about staying out late.

But please don't do what this kid did.

CentralPa.com reports that a visiting 19 year-old, from the University of Massachusetts, was found unconscious and not breathing at an intersection in State College, Pennsylvania Saturday night.

So when we say this kid was intoxicated, just how intoxicated are we talking about here? Try a blood alcohol level of .490%. That beyond the range of lethal alcohol poisoning.

The student was rushed to the hospital and treated, and thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery.

Reportedly the student was binge drinking vodka.

College is a time for partying (oh yeah, and getting an education and stuff too), but for the love of god, slow down. This kid is damn lucky to be alive.