Summer just won't be the same now that a favorite treat has disappeared forever.

One of the best sounds of summer is the faint music playing in the distance signaling that the ice cream truck is on its way to your neighborhood. Here in the Hudson Valley we still get visits from the ice cream truck that slowly lurks up and down the street, luring kids and adults alike to the curb to buy an afternoon snack.

As a kid, I have fond memories of being down at the beach and listening for the ice cream truck's bell. We'd run out of the water and over the hot sand to make our selection from the colorful menu on the side of the Good Humor truck.

Today, my son still runs to that same truck that holds those iconic ice cream novelties. Although the price has gone up, many of those treats on a stick haven't changed since I was his age. That is, until now. Sadly it appears that one of my favorite ice cream treats is now gone forever and there's no plan to ever bring it back.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Disappearing products

There's been a disturbing trend of companies discontinuing popular items. Last year Ronzoni announced that they were getting rid of Pastina and customers raided shelves in hopes of securing one last box of those tiny, star-shaped pieces of pasta. Nabisco has also unceremoniously discontinued their Famous Chocolate Wafers, making it impossible to make those legendary icebox cakes. And who could forget the demise of the Choco Taco? The ice cream novelty made headlines last year when it was announced that Klondike was discontinuing it.

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Another one bites the dust

The hoopla surrounding the disappearance of the Choco Taco overshadowed a quiet announcement made by Good Humor at the end of last summer. The ice cream maker confirmed rumors that it would be discontinuing its Toasted Almond bar.

The announcement went mostly unnoticed until the weather warmed up again and those Good Humor trucks hit the streets. Customers were confused to discover that the crunchy, sweet treat was now missing from the menu.

Good Morning America confirmed that the Toasted Almond bar is now officially gone, and Good Humor says that it doesn't have any plans to bring it back due to a lack of demand. I have to say that this is a huge disappointment, but I guess that tastes have changed. So, after learning to live without a bowl of Pastina and an icebox cake, I guess I'll have to adjust to life with no Toasted Almond bar.

At least they still make ice cream sandwiches.

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