Get a jump on the Boris & Robyn Show and sample beers from next week's Beer of the Week, Honey Hollow Brewing Co. Sunday Oct. 4th with their fall open house.

Starting at noon and going till 6pm, Honey Hollow Brewing Co. will be giving tours of the premises and tastings throughout with food catered by The Palmer House Cafe. Check out Honey Hollow's featured fresh hop ale with cascade hops grown from their own bines. Weighing in at 6.6% abv this hop ale will pair nicely for this annual sit outside and watch the fall foliage of the Hudson Valley season.

Remember to tune in for this week's Beer of the Week with Brew Master Matty Taormina and every week's Beer of the Week segment on The Boris & Robyn Show - Tuesday mornings at 8:45. Get 'beer-ducated.'

Honey Hollow Brewery Co. located in Earlton, NY on E Honey Hollow Rd.