So there is this thing happening here in the Hudson Valley that could be considered kind of creepy. They are taking away the toll booths at the bridges here in the Hudson Valley, more specifically the ones operated by the New York State Bridge Authority.

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  • Newburgh Beacon Bridge
  • Bear Mountain Bridge
  • Rip Van Winkle Bridge, Catskill
  • Mid-Hudson Bridge
  • Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge

What does that mean? The ultimate goal is to have smoother flowing traffic, since people do not have to slow down to pay the tolls. According to the New York State Bridge Authority, there are already being changes made to the first bridge that will go cashless around the 4th of July holiday. The bridge that will go cashless first is the Newburgh Beacon bridge. All of that construction that they are currently doing on the west bound span? Yep, the crews are also taking steps to make a smooth transition to cashless on the NBB.

Why is this a big deal? You might see it as a big push for electric tolling? Do you have E-Z Pass? If you do it will not be an issue to you. Your tag will be read electronically, as it has been since you got it.

If you don't have E-Z Pass what will happen? You will get a bill for the toll in the mail. While that sounds like no big deal, no one can tell you how soon you will get the bill or the penalty for not paying in a timely manner. I have friends who think that they don't get a bill if they go through the readers at a quick enough speed. Not sure you should try that or even if it is true.

After the NBB, the other four bridges will ramp up to cashless tolling as well. To find out more about "secret" e-Zpass discounts, click here. 

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