The suspect is said to have blue fur, large googly eyes, and has been known to eat his own weight in cookies in just one sitting. Reports of a suspicious package on a bench shut down parts of Times Square Thursday afternoon, according to FOX 5. However, what police found at the location was nothing of the explosive variety. Perhaps terms such as crumbly or chewy would be a better description in this case.

FOX says they received a call about a suspicious package on a bench around Noon Thursday. The investigation was around 7th Avenue and West 47th Street, according to officials. Law enforcement took to social media to warn the public to avoid the surrounding area. Around an hour later, it was determined the so-called package was just a red cookie jar that was chillin' all alone on the beach. Officials did not indicate if the jar had any actual cookies in them, or perhaps if someone ate all the cookies and then got up left.

While this story may have had a pretty harmless conclusion, the public still may have been on heightened alert given the events on Capitol Hill Thursday. CNBC reports that a 49-year-old North Carolina man surrendered to police outside the Library of Congress, after telling them he had a bomb in his pickup truck. CNBC said the suspect had posted videos on Facebook where he addressed President Joe Biden and the situation with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

And speaking of bomb threats, you may remember this guy from April 2020? The NY Post says that a 30 year-old man threatened to blow up the Alice in Wonderland statue )of all things?) in Central Park with a pipe bomb. The Post says the man allegedly sent texts in April 2020 to family and friends saying he intended to destroy the statue that's been there since 1959. Now what did that statue ever do to that guy?

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