The man was reportedly missing since back around April 24th.

According to the New York State Police and News 10, a Yonkers man who was reported missing last week has been found. Police have confirmed that his body has been discovered in the water near the base of Kaaterskill Falls.

Late last week New York State Police started an investigation after being contacted by the family of Jesse Ritholz, 36 form Yonkers New York. Family members told police that they were expecting Ritholz at their home for a visit back on April 24th and he never showed up. Three days later on April 27th, Ritholz’s parents told police they went to his apartment and didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

During the police investigation, investigators learned that Ritholz had rented a black BMW 330 back on April 22nd. The car was located by troopers from Troop K, on April 30th in the Laurel House Road parking lot for Kaaterskill Falls in the town of Hunter, New York.

Once the car was located the State Police started to search the popular hiking area hoping to find the man. The search included uniformed Troopers, New York State Police Aviation, Underwater Recovery Team, and the Troop K Bloodhound. State police were also assisted in the search by the Greene County Sheriff’s patrol units and their Dive Teams, as well as the New York State Forest Rangers.

After searching the surrounding area and in and around the water Ritholz, was reportedly found dead in the water by the base of Kaaterskill Falls. The mans body was recovered by the NYSP Underwater Recovery Team and once he was removed from the water, Ritholz’s body was then taken to Ellis Hospital by the Greene County Coroner’s Office.

According to police, the preliminary cause of death is being listed as a result of head injuries from a fall onto the rocks. The investigation is ongoing.

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